Mentor Spotlight: Professor Maria Donoghue

Our secon13234d mentor spotlight features Professor Maria Donoghue, who is an associate professor in the Department of Biology and the co-director of the Neurobiology major.


How did you become involved in research?

I worked with a spectacular scientist and person after I graduated college and fell in love with the process of scientific inquiry.

Why do you think that undergraduate research is valuable, both for the student conducting the research and to the institution as a whole?

[Undergraduate research is valuable] both to expose undergraduates to the uncertainty inherent in research and to build strong relationships with faculty.

What is your favorite part about the research process?

[My favorite part] is getting a cool result and trying to fit it into an existing framework of understanding.

Describe your current research in one sentence.

My research group tries to understand the molecular basis of normal brain development with the hope that understanding the normal process will lead to therapies to impact abnormal brain conditions.

What is your advice for undergraduates who are interested in pursuing research at Georgetown?

[My advice is to] engage deeply.


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