Letter from the Chairs


Thank you for showing interest in the Georgetown University Undergraduate Research Symposium (URS), an event sponsored by the Georgetown University Student Association and the Office of the Provost.

As an interdisciplinary event, the Symposium is dedicated to showcasing the wealth of undergraduate research at Georgetown in all subject areas, in all forms. Recognizing the tremendous amount of work students put into academic inquiry, the Symposium aims to celebrate the inspiring amount of undergraduate effort in expanding the boundaries of knowledge. Moreover, the Symposium provides an opportunity for students to converse across disciplines, to consider the multiple dimensions of their topics, and to receive constructive feedback that allows them to take their research further.

We are deeply thankful for the tremendous support we got from the many organization across campus for last year’s inaugural event. After such a successful first year, we are very excited to be expanding this year’s symposium into a two-day event. The 2014 Symposium will be held April 4-5, 2014. We will provide multiple platforms for students to present their work, ranging from posters to panels and student keynotes.

The URS is more than just a culminating, end of the year event- it is a reflection of Georgetown University’s enduring commitment to undergraduate research and intellectual dialogue outside of the classroom.

The Steering Committee looks forward to seeing the ingenuity and creativity flourishing about the Hilltop. If you are a Georgetown undergraduate student engaged in research (at or outside of Georgetown), we encourage you to apply to present at this year’s event!

We hope you will join us next April.


Chandani Desai (‘15) and Yongle Xue (‘14)

Chairs, Undergraduate Research Symposium Steering Committee


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