Positions 2014

Co-Chairs: Yongle Xue (’14) and Chandani Desai (’15)

The key responsibilities of the Co-Chairs include:

  • Managing communications between the Steering Committee and the Office of the Provost, GUSA, and other key offices
  • Coordinating Steering Committee meetings regularly
  • Delineating preparation timeline, including deadlines for the Steering Committee
  • Supervising preparation progress and assisting all committee members wherever possible

Academic Director

With help from the Symposium Chairs, the Academic Director will be responsible for organizing the student and faculty participation in the Symposium. Key responsibilities include:

  • Coordinating call for submissions
  • Reviewing submitted student applications and abstracts
  • Communicating with Department heads, program directors, and other academic offices
  • Organizing panels- student presenters & faculty moderators
  • Serve as primary participant point of contact and relay any participant questions/concerns to the Steering Committee

Logistics Director

The Logistics Director will play a critical role in accomplishing the Symposium. Working closely with the Symposium Chairs and the Treasurer, key responsibilities for the Logistics Director include:

  • Make the event happen!
  • Coordinating space, presentation equipment, event equipment
  • Planning the schedule and creating the event programs.
  • Maintaining a connection with the Keynote Speaker and assisting him/her throughout the Symposium.
  • Organizing the main lunch, and other food and refreshments offered throughout the course of the Symposium.
  • Be the point of contact for day-of tasks for the Steering Committee

Marketing Director

The Marketing Director will lead a team of recruited members for a marketing committee. This committee will be responsible for all major publicity for the event including:

  • Call for papers
  • Create logos, design gift, produce an engaging campaign for presenters and attendees
  • Social media campaigns
  • Coordinating communications to five audiences:
    • Student presenters
    • Student attendees (namely underclassmen)
    • Faculty discussants (with help from the Provost)
    • Faculty attendees
    • General attendees (members of the community, including staff who might attend)

Financial Director

The Financial Director will manage the entire budget for the Symposium.

  • Maintain relationship with previous donors
  • Establish relationships with new donors
  • Secure grants/funding
  • Be the key point of contact for any transactions necessary

Long-Term Development Director

The Long-Term Development Director will keep records of the the Symposium for the long-term development and expansion of the Symposium. Key responsibilities include:

  • Maintain detailed progress reports of meetings and key planning sessions
  • Maintain the Symposium website
  • Take pictures during the event for the President DeGioia’s office
  • Lead recruitment for 2014 Steering Committee

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