Panel Presentations

Session I: 11:00am-12:00pm, Saturday, April 5, 2014

Classicism and the Antiquity

From analysis of Picasso’s art to astronomical evidence for the Sign of Constantine the Great, this panel explores the ancient world through art and literature.

Moderator: Dr. Tommaso Astarita, Director of Undergraduate Studies, Department of History

Presenters: Nora Rosengarten (’14) & Sean Doherty (’14)

Room: ICC 113

Art, Culture, and Society

This panel explores contemporary art and society through two unique perspectives: southern American art along with the relationship between popular music festivals and the consumption and performance of social risks.

Moderator: Dr. Michelle C. Wang, Art History & Asian Art, Department of Art and Art History

Presenters: Caroline Seabolt (’14) & Morgan Brown (’14)

Room: ICC 117

Across Borders

This panel explores cross-cultural interactions from different angles, covering language switching behaviors in Palestinian university students, internet linguistics as a social force as well as the effect of gentrification and immigration on identity in Brooklyn.

Moderator: Dr. Jennifer Sclafani, Visiting Assistant Professor of Linguistics

Presenters: Hannah Sullivan (’14), Tia Beheri (’16), & Leonard Olsen (’14)

Room: ICC 118

Environmental Policy

This wide-ranging panel on environmental policy covers environmental regimes in the Caspian and Black Sea Regions, deforestation and foreign direct investment in developing countries and post-revolutionary waste-management in Cairo.

Moderator: Dr. William Gormley, Professor of Public Policy, Co-Director, Center for Research on Children in the U.S. (CROCUS)

Presenters: Colleen Wood (’14), Duncan Hobbs (’16) and Ahmet Tarik Caskurlu (’17), & Gabriel Pincus (’14)

Room: ICC 119

Religion and Politics

This panel explores the intersection between religion and politics through three projects:  the original meaning of the establishment clause of the first amendment in primary documents 1770-1790, the theology of the Apartheid, and cross-border religious identity and domestic engagement on issues of foreign policy from 1963-1979.

Moderator: Dr. Marilyn McMorrow, Visiting Assistant Professor, SFS

Presenters: Caleb Morell (’16), Matthew Chung (’14), & Peter Prindville (’14)

Room: ICC 219A


From deliberative democracy and integral citizenship in Cuba to threat perception and Internet censorship resistance in South Korea, from the effect of social service provision by non-state groups to Tocqueville’s notion of public morality, the panel explores sub-issues within the study of democracy.

Moderator: Dr. Eusebio Mujal-Leon, Associate Professor, Department of Government

Presenters: Nicholas Dirago (’14), Daye Lee (’14), Stella Peisch (’14), & Jordan Rudinsky (’15)

Room: ICC 219B

Growth and Governance

This panel is about the democracy in theory and practice across cultural contexts. Topics include the exceptionalism of the Indian middle class, local political representation and access to welfare benefits in India and the challenges of governance during economic transition in Cuba.

Moderator: Dr. Robert Koopman, Adjunct Professor, Department of Economics & Acting Director, Office of Operations, US International Trade Commission.

Presenters: Avanti Narayanan (’14), Brian Goggin (’14), & William Miller (’14)

Room: ICC 221A

Economic Development

This panel deals with economic development in countries and regions such as China and Southeast Asia as well as modern measures of economic activity.

Moderator: Dr. Billy Jack, Associate Professor of Economics & Director of Undergraduate Studies in the Department of Economics

Presenters: Bruno Di Mascio (’15), James Fishback (’16), & Thomas Christiansen (’15)

Room: ICC 221B

Social Innovation

This panel seeks to explore technological and business solutions to social issues. FitYou is a mobile application that seeks to integrate health profiles to real-time contextual suggestion, while another project seeks to study consumer regret and dissatisfaction using online Qualtrics survey.

Moderator: Dr. Grace Hui Yang, Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science

Presenters: Christopher Wing (’15) & Tricia Correia (’15)

Room: ICC 234

Session II: 1:30pm-2:30pm, Saturday, April 5, 2014

Crisis in Human Rights

This panel explores issues of human rights and minority groups in a variety of cultural contexts- from Syrian refugees and youth to Rwandan genocide survivors and sexual and gender-based conflict from Bosnia to Syria.

Moderator: Dr. Elzbieta Gozdziak, Director of Research, Institute for the Study of International Migration

Presenters: Emma Murphy (’16), Basil Bastaki (’15), & Jenna Sackler (’14)

Room: ICC 113

Social Activism

From sexual violence and UN PKO, same-sex marriage legalization in Norway, Sweden and Finland to female political representation in post-conflict states, this panel deals with social issues and policy.

Moderator: Dr. Elham Atashi, Visiting Assistant Professor, Justice and Peace Studies

Presenters: Katerina Downward (’14), Matthew Eible (’14), Audrey Atencio (’14), & Daniel Marrow (’15)

Room: ICC 117

Health Science and Society

This panel focuses on health science research with societal applications, covering research into factors affecting cortical development, bodily responses to a Giardia lamblian parasitic infection, and continuing professional development for Rwandan medical practitioners.

Moderator: Dr. Steven Singer, Associate Professor & Chair of the Department of Biology

Presenters: Denver Burton (’15), Jennifer Marvin (’14), & Laura Shrum (’14)

Room: ICC 118

Energy and the State

This panel deals with the interesting intersection between oil and politics. Some questions include: What is the effect of oil pipelines on intrastate conflict? What is the future of Russia’s natural gas industry? Can a balance between environmental peacebuilding and MNC investment be struck in the Niger delta?

Moderator: Dr. Griffin F. Thompson, Adjunct Assistant Professor, McCourt School of Public Policy

Presenters: Gregory Miller (’14), Denis Peskov (’14), & Maggie Ferrato (’14)

Room: ICC 219A

Education as a Movement for Change

This panel deals with social movements and education. Topics include a comparative analysis of higher education in Chile and Argentina and the virtue of speech and debate in America’s School System.

Moderator: Dr. Sylvia Onder, Visiting Assistant Professor of Turkish Language and Culture

Presenters: Sarah Baran (’14) & Amanda Wynter (’14)

Room: ICC 219B

Wealth Distribution

This panel explores the socioeconomic structure through microeconomic research into minimum wage, the effect of linguistic fractionalization on income inequality, and the re-socialization process of low-income colleges students at elite universities.

Moderator: Caitlin Brown, PhD Student, Economics Department

Presenters: Neil Christy (’14), Brandon Lam (’14), & Marta Aparicio (’14)

Room: 221A

Foreign Policy

This panel deals with a range of issues relating to diplomacy and foreign policy. Topics include government intervention in domestic conflict, and the security threat from MANPADS (man-portable aerial defense systems).

Moderator: Navid Hassanzadeh, PhD Student, Department of Government

Presenters: Amelia Whitehead (’14), & Laurel Zigereli (’14)

Room:  223A

International Affairs

This panel explores contemporary issues in international affairs relating to the effect of bilateral investment treaties on regime survival, altering of tariff rates post-remedy, and nuclear proliferation.

Moderator: Dr. David Edelstein, Associate Professor, SFS

Presenters: Soumyajit Mazumder (’15), Tricha Kumar (’14), & Alexandra Van Dine (’14)

Room: ICC 234


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