Q: When will the 2015 Symposium take place?
A: This year’s Symposium Keynote Speaker will take place on Wednesday April 15th, 2015 and the rest of the events will take place on Friday April 17th, 2015.

Q: Who hosts the Symposium?
A: The Symposium is a product of the joint effort of many organizations across campus. The Symposium is primarily hosted by the Office of the Provost. However, we are deeply thankful of the many hands that help us out! A full list of sponsors for this year’s event will be updated shortly.

Q: What happened to the Georgetown University Undergraduate Research Symposium (GUURS)?
A: The Symposium for Undergraduate Research at Georgetown was formerly known as the Georgetown University Undergraduate Research Symposium. For our third year, we thought we would refresh the Symposium with a new and improved name.

Q: What subject areas are considered for the Symposium?
A: The Symposium considers research in the fields of humanities, business, policy and social science. If you have questions about whether your research fits within the Symposium’s focus areas, please email us at GU.Research.Symposium@gmail.com

Q: What kinds of research are considered for the Symposium?
A: The Symposium considers research in all forms, whether it is an individual or group paper, a community-based project, a performing arts project, or in any other forms. You are encouraged to submit research projects that do not conform to conventional forms of presentation.

Q: What should I submit in order to be considered for the Symposium?
A: Please fill out the application form here by the deadline (Note: Applications are due by March 20, 2015).

For the application form, you are asked to submit a 250-word abstract. In the Spring semester, we will ask for the most recent version of your research (whether completed or in progress) in order to select individual student keynotes and to finalize the schedule.

Q: Does the Symposium accept works in progress?
A: Yes, the Symposium strongly encourages works in progress, especially senior theses. This is a great opportunity for you to articulate your research and receive constructive feedback from a diverse audience.

Q: What if I conducted research over the summer, through an internship, or independently? Will the Symposium consider research conducted outside of Georgetown?

A: Yes. Summer research, group research, and independent research are all considered, so long as they reflect the work of a Georgetown University undergraduate student. Please direct specific questions to GU.Research.Symposium@gmail.com.

Q: May I submit a research paper in a foreign language?

A: Yes, as long as you include an abstract in English and prepare to present in English.

Q: I am a first-year student. Could I be considered for the Symposium?
A:Yes! The Symposium considers undergraduate students of all years, schools, and majors.


Q: What type of presentation will I be expected to give?
A: The Symposium features three types of presentations: posters, panels, and individual student keynotes. For detailed descriptions of the presentation guidelines, please click here.

On the application, you will be asked to note your presentation format of preference. Only students marking the Panel Presentation will be considered for the individual student keynote.

Considering its interdisciplinary nature, the Symposium will try to accommodate unconventional formats of presentations. Interested students should contact GU.Research.Symposium@gmail.com for further information.

Q: How are individual student keynote speeches nominated?
A: The individual student keynotes will be nominated by the Steering Committee and selected by faculty in related fields. Nominated students will be asked to submit further information about their research, and may be contacted for an interview. There are a total of four student keynotes. Students interested to be considered for nomination should choose “Panel” in the application form.

Q: How are panels assigned?
A: To highlight the interdisciplinary nature of academic inquiry, we will divide the panels by theme. Therefore, students in the humanities, the social sciences and the natural sciences may find themselves in the same panel, as long as their research deals with a common subject (for example, environmental studies, public health, etc.) from different perspectives. We hope to stimulate dialogues across disciplines and encourage students to consider multiple dimensions of their topics.

Q: How do I make a poster?
A: As the Symposium nears, we will provide a few template options on our website. We will ask you to select your template of choice. You can build your own poster following the template guidelines or you can provide us the necessary information and our team will help you build a poster. Detailed instructions on necessary information required for poster construction will be provided in the Spring semester.

Q: Will projectors and A/V equipment be provided for panel and individual presentations?
A: Yes. Panel presentations will take place in classrooms, and individual talks will take place in an auditorium. Please feel free to include slides and multimedia in your presentations, as long as they can run on university computers in those venues. In the Spring semester, the Symposium will provide resources for you to create an effective presentation.


Q: I would like to attend the Symposium. How will I know where to go?
A: A schedule—with presentation titles and locations—will be published one month prior to the Symposium. During the Symposium, volunteers will assist attendees in finding particular presentations.

Q: What should I wear?
A: The Symposium does not require any particular kind of attire. Presenters are encouraged to wear whatever will make them feel most comfortable while presenting (from business attire to jeans).

Q: May I invite my family and friends to the Symposium?
A: Please, the more the merrier! This is a perfect opportunity to celebrate your hard work and share it with your loved ones.

Q: I am not a Georgetown student. May I attend the Symposium?
A: Yes! We welcome anyone, within and outside the Georgetown University, to attend the Symposium.

Q: I cannot find the answer to my question, what should I do?
A: Please contact us at GU.Research.Symposium@gmail.com. A Steering Committee member will respond promptly

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