Panel Presentations 2015

Session I: 2:00pm – 3:00pm

National Defense and Terrorism This panel aims to analyze the risk of suicide terrorism as a tactic for terrorist groups, discuss the changes in the Islamic Armed Group throughout the Algerian Civil War, dissect national defense spending across different geographic locations, and evaluate the U.S. Army and Marine Corps training through linguistics context.

Moderator: Dr. Bruce Hoffman, Director-Center for Peace and Security Studies and Security Studies Program

Presenters: Annie Kennelly (SFS’15), Basil Bastaki (SFS’15), Aaron Tayler (SFS’15), and Aidan Dugan (COL/FLL’15)

Room: ICC 214

Social Health From investigating medical ethics in the Ismaili religious tradition to the effects of sports on mental health, the panel aims to explore health in various social contexts.

Moderator: Dr. Irene Jillson, Assistant Professor

Presenters: Noreen Sajwani (NHS’15) and JiaYi Xiao (MSB’15)

Room: ICC 221A

Literature, Media, and Culture Issues of unfounded accusations and censorship of scandalous contents are respectively discussed through the critical analysis of The Maltese Falcon and The Decameron.


Presenters: Allyn Faenza (COL’15), Christina McGrath (SFS’15)


Access to Education This panel examines different facets of education: the impact of gender on persistence in education, the cultural perception of education for Down Syndrome students, and the accessibility of finance education for immigrant families.


Presenters: Paul Healy (COL’15), Julia Bonner (COL’15), Ahwaz Akhtar (SFS-Qatar’16)


Immigration and the State Observations of variance in deportation rates in different areas across the United States as a result of immigration policy and discussion of the identity and experience of recipients of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.


Presenters: Megan Elman (SFS’15) , Citlalli Alvarez (COL’15)


Obstacles in Ownership Explore the effects of foreign ownership on regulations of businesses in developing countries and examine the relationship between women’s secure land ownership and food security.

Moderator: Caitlin Brown

Presenters: Rui Hao Puah (SFS’15), Therese Harmonie Kobanghe Langazo (SFS’15)

Room: ICC 234

Session II: 3:00pm – 4:00pm

Religious Themes Throughout History Learn more about Early Christian Hagiography, the separation of Church and State in the 17th century, and Kuan-Yin in Chan Buddhism as this panels explores religion through different ages of history.

Moderator: Dr. Marilyn McMorrow, Visiting Assistant Professor

Presenters: Caleb Morell (SFS’16), Caitlin Casey (COL’16), James Wolfe (COL’15)

Room: ICC 206B

Gender and Society Be part of a dialogue discussing the role of gender by looking through the lens of film, classic literature, and the modern society of Uruguay.

Moderator: Dr. Fida Adely, Associate Professor

Presenters: Elise Mixon (COL’15), Emily Coccia (COL’15), Amanda Maisonave (COL’15)

Room: ICC 234

Political Implications of Economics Explore the intersection of politics and the economy and their impacts on each other as the panels examines the MFN Free Rider problem, political stability during economic crisis, and economic significance of political stability.

Moderator: Dr. John Rust, Professor

Presenters: Jonathan McClure (SFS’15), Minjung Kang (SFS’15), Mathison Clore & Michael McGrath (SFS’17)

Room: ICC 214

Transporting Social Justice Analysis of best practices that can be implemented to maximize effectiveness in transportation spending to create jobs for the unemployed and discussion of how the transportation system drives social cohesion and social change.

Moderator: Fr. Matthew Carnes, Assistant Professor

Presenters: Julia Hubbell (COL’15), Gianna Maita (COL’15)

Room: ICC 221B

Diverse Applications in Methodology This panel brings together research on the selectivity of certain slave children to live in their master’s households, an investigation of the linkage between the Deaf community and Christianity, and a discussion of transgender individuals through the context of sociolinguistics and explores their similar research methodologies.

Moderator: Dr. Irene Jillson, Assistant Professor

Presenters: Julia Butz (COL’15), Timothy Loh (SFS’15), Katherine Murray (COL’15)

Room: ICC 221A

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