Poster Presentations 2015

*All poster will be displayed in the HFSC Social Room.

Caitlin Garrabrant (SFS’18 International Economics)
Katerina Mamay (SFS’18 Undeclared)
Mariam Bengali (School of Foreign Service in Qatar ’15 Culture and Politics )
Brittany Neihardt (COL’17 Government (major), Justice & Peace Studies (minor))
Larissa Ong (SFS’15 Culture and Politics)
Rahul Desai (MSB’17 OPIM)
Caroline Albers (COL’17 English)
Meagan Wang (MSB’16 International Business)
Caleb Weaver (SFS’16 Regional & Comparative Studies)
Julian Athaide (COL’16 Government and Economics)
Matthew Hinson (SFS’17 International History)
Charlotte Cherry (SFS’16 Science, Technology and International Affairs)
Kevin Tian (MSB’16 Quant Finance, Computer Science)
Leo Zucker (SFS’17 IPEC)
Aidan Dugan (COL/FLL’15 Linguistics )

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