Presentation Guidelines

The Symposium values inclusivity: it aims to include presenters from all years, schools, and majors. For this reason, the Symposium incorporates three major presentation types.

(1) Poster Presentations

Poster Presentations are best suited for a wide range of research projects—from senior theses to research projects still in their preliminary stages. Students selected for Poster Presentations are expected to prepare posters showcasing their research projects according to department guidelines. Poster templates and instructions for creation will be provided closer to the Symposium. Posters will be printed for the presenter by the Symposium at no cost.

Posters will be displayed in an open space (such as Sellinger Lounge or ICC Galleria), and attendees will be encouraged to circulate and ask questions to presenters. Presenters are expected to stand by their posters and talk to attendees.

(2) Panel Presentations

Panel Presentations are best suited for intermediate and advanced research projects (e.g. senior theses, research with grants and fellowships, etc.). Students selected for Panel Presentations are expected to prepare a short presentation (10-15 minutes) and discuss their research with other presenters on the panel.

Panels are grouped across disciplines according to subject themes. They will be moderated by expert faculty members in that field and will take place in classrooms. In each classroom, three to four students will present and accept questions from audience members.

For examples of panel topics from last year’s Symposium, please visit this page. By nature of varying submissions year to year, please note that all themes may be subject to change.

(3) Student Keynote Speeches

Four students exhibiting outstanding scholarship and research will be awarded the individual student keynote speech. These presentations will reflect the work of passionate students pursuing advanced research projects (either completed or close to completion). Presenters will deliver a 12-15 minute lecture to a large audience in a large venue (such as an auditorium) and then answer questions during a 5-7 minute Q&A session.

Nominations for student keynote speeches will be solicited on the application form as well as by the Steering Committee from applications being considered for panel presentations. Nomination will be based primarily on the quality of research, judged jointly by the committee and faculty in related fields. Because the large number of outstanding student research at Georgetown exceeds the available keynote slots, when making the nomination, the Steering Committee will also consider other factors, such as the presentations’ intellectual accessibility and thematic focus.

(4) Miscellaneous

The Steering Committee will accommodate unconventional formats of presentation (e.g. those with a performance element). Interested students should contact the committee directly at

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